December 6, 2023

EV World Racing Association EVWRA

Where EV's & Hybrid World Speed & Endurance Records Are Made Too Be Broken!


EV World Racing Association (EVWRA) is beyond its all-electric concept, it is unique in the world of motorsport & racing for its choice of venues, representing the future and the fast-changing world of motorsport and racing our mission is to increase the engineering & tech education, e-safety, and primarily with a focus on engineering & tech employment in the EV & Hybrid engineering, e-tech sector.

“More than ever, when we look at the concept of alternative propulsion for electric and or hybrid motorsport / racing, and the challenges will push us to work differently and use the learnings and achievements from a mix of sectors primarily tried and tested electric hybrid technologies is an approach not limited to an all-electric or hybrid emphasis on racing.
Unique in the world of motorsport, including its choices of venues, EVWRA will embrace and represent the fast-changing world of motorsport and its future of racing.

EVWRA, with the help of global consensus-based leadership, is committed to expanding current relationships while continually developing additional corporate collaborations with leaders in the Electric and Hybrid E Automotive, E Motorcycle, along with E Aviation and E Marine manufacturers to evaluate and test and to encourage new electric vehicle technologies on the ground, air, and sea as they are developed.

EVWRA’s additional mission focus is to highlight emerging new electric vehicle technologies in a high-performance environment through motorsport / racing as well as develop a common goal to inform and to increase public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) motorsport to encourage education through competition while highlighting the tech advances in electric vehicle technology through racing and education partnerships. All of this is through the help of consensus-based global leadership and corporate coalitions, directed in the engagement of Electric & Hybrid E Automotive, E Aviation, E Marine & E Motorcycle industry education and manufacturing.

Through educational partnerships we attract, educate and by creating organized high-performance environments fostered via motorsport, EVWRA will generate and increase public awareness by organizing various electric vehicle & Hybrid (EV) – (EVH) competition events. Along with on-site employment and education fairs, these events will expose and inspire participants and fans to become involved with the potential learning/training opportunities and careers to become the next generation of engineers, techs, or motorsports professionals. 

About EV Festival of Speed

EV Festivals of Speed a performance exhibition of EV & Hybrid technology from around the world.

EV Festival of Speed is produced by EVWRA and is designed to showcase the latest automotive innovations in EV and hybrid technology from major brands around the world. The festival is an opportunity for manufacturers, engineers, technicians, drivers, and enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the latest advancements in the industry.

The festival is also an inauguration of hi-tech EV and hybrid technology that is set to energize the motorsport and racing industry. By showcasing the latest technology and innovations, the festival provides an opportunity to inspire and excite those involved in the industry and to spur further advancements and progress.

Overall, the EV Festival of Speed is an exciting event that helps to highlight the importance and potential of EV and hybrid technology in the automotive industry. It provides a platform for showcasing the latest innovations and for bringing together key players in the industry to collaborate and drive further progress.

About World Speed Challenge

We at EVWRA World Speed Challenge (WSC) are pushing the boundaries of EV and hybrid technology through their World Speed Challenge (WSC) racing series. By featuring purpose-built sportscars designed specifically for races that last between 90 to 120 minutes, making it a rigorous and demanding test of the vehicles and drivers.

The WSC provides a platform for EV and hybrid automotive sportscar manufacturers to test and refine their technology in a highly competitive and challenging environment. By testing advanced battery technology and car designs with performance and safety in mind, the WSC helps to drive innovation and progress in the industry.

The inclusion of multiple racing categories in the WSC, such as eTCWSC, eGT4WSC, eGT3WSC, eGT2WSC, and ultimately a new eGT1WSC series, ensures that a wide range of manufacturers and vehicle types can participate in the challenge. This diversity also makes the series more engaging for fans and enthusiasts, who can root for their favorite teams and drivers.

EVWRA’s World Speed Challenge is helping to shape the future of EV and hybrid automotive technology by pushing the limits of what is currently possible. WSC is an exciting and challenging racing series that showcases the potential of EV and hybrid technology in the realm of high-performance racing series that is sure to capture the attention of racing enthusiasts and automotive enthusiasts alike.

About World Endurance Challenge

The EVWRA’s World Endurance Challenge (WEC) racing series is designed to test and push the limits of EV and hybrid technology in a real-world speed and endurance challenge. The series features purpose-built sportscars that are specifically designed for races that last between 6 to 24 hours, making it a rigorous and demanding test of the vehicles’ capabilities.

The WEC provides a platform for EV and hybrid automotive sportscar manufacturers to test and refine their technology in a highly competitive and challenging environment. The focus on testing advanced battery technology and car designs with performance and safety in mind is critical to the advancement of EV and hybrid technology. By pushing the limits of what is currently possible, the WEC helps to drive innovation and progress in the industry.

Overall, the WEC is an exciting and challenging racing series that is helping to shape the future of EV and hybrid automotive technology.

About E World Grand Prix

The E World Grand Prix aims to showcase the endurance capabilities of electric cars on a designated circuit. By organizing a 24-hour racing endurance championship, the event provides a platform for electric racing enthusiasts to witness the thrill of continuous racing and highlights the advancements in electric vehicle technology.

The fact that the championship is centered around electric cars adds an extra element of sustainability and innovation to the racing world. Electric vehicles have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their environmental benefits and advancements in technology. By organizing a 24-hour endurance race exclusively for electric cars, the E World Grand Prix helps to promote the adoption and acceptance of electric vehicles as a viable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered cars.

About Formula1 Electric Air Racing

Just as electric motorsport is pushing disruptive innovation in ground vehicles, electric air racing is expected to soon bring similar benefits to aviation.
A new all-electric or hybrid concept E-VTOL, Formula1 Electric Air Racing will be unique in the world of motorsport for its choice of venues, representing the future and the fast-changing world of motorsport and its future.

About E Racing Nation

E Racing Nation serves as the media arm of EVWRA and provides the latest news, newsletters, podcasts, and streaming videos related to EV and hybrid motorsports and racing. The media arm covers events and news related to the EVWRA and its media partners, helping to keep enthusiasts and professionals alike up to date on the latest developments in the industry.

By providing a platform for sharing information and insights, E Racing Nation helps to promote and raise awareness of EV and hybrid technology in the motorsport and racing industry. The media arm’s coverage also serves to inspire and excite enthusiasts and professionals alike about the future potential of this technology in the industry.

Overall, E Racing Nation is an important resource for those interested in following the latest developments in EV and hybrid motorsports and racing. Its coverage helps to raise awareness of the potential of this technology and to promote collaboration and innovation in the industry.

About EVVTOL Tech Nation

EVVTOL Tech Nation is reimagining a pathway to 21st Century engineering & technology innovations.

The critical role we are undertaking at EVVTOL Tech Nation is to:

  • Bring focus to the fields of engineering and tech employment for future growth and sustainability.
  • Facilitate and bridge together visionaries, engineers, and technical support staff through leadership.
  • Address the shortage of personnel!
  • Solve the world’s toughest problems head on with qualified engineering and technical support staff for future employment in automotive, aviation, VTOL, aerospace, marine, motorcycle, and mobility employment needs.

Our mission is to Attract and Educate and Inspire (AEI) next generation of engineers and technical professionals in the fields of automotive, aerospace, eVTOL, aviation, marine, motorcycle, mobility and motorsport engineering, and technical careers.

Groundbreaking in scope and mission critical for EVVTOL Tech Nation, is to introduce the (AEI) plan to the EVVTOL Career Summit as a component to the largest EVVTOL Tech Show Expo.

To restate the objectives of the (AEI) the EVVTOL Tech Nation Advisory Council is to focus its efforts aimed at exposing advanced engineering and technological innovations to a diverse audience to all the diverse applications that are integral to automotive, aerospace eVTOL, aviation, marine, motorcycle, mobility, and motorsport viability.

The EVVTOL tech Nation Advisory Council will develop the (AEI) plan in its focus toward middle school, high school, and college students as well other individuals looking a more meaningful and fulfilling career opportunities in these forward focused industrial solutions and pursuits.


EVVTOL is so much more than a global event organization.

With its planned EV Tech Show, VTOL Tech Show, EV Festival of Speed, World Speed Challenge and World Endurance Challenge events to the EV industry located throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, it is strategically positioned to successfully facilitate EV and VTOL industry clients with their needs, globally.

Our goal and mission at EVVTOL are more than twofold, It is to establish EVVTOL Tech Nation as the leader in supporting the t E-Aerospace, E-Aviation, E-VTOL, EV/Hybrid-Automotive, E-Semi/Hybrid Truck industries with high-visibility technical recruiting and staffing services, delivering an e-tech marketplace to match candidates for technology-focused roles with employers hiring tech talent globally. EVVTOL Tech Nation will enable tech recruiters and hiring managers to efficiently search, match, and connect with highly qualified and skilled applicants ready and eager to contribute to those industries.

About EVHNews is a dedicated global digital publishing platform for EVVTOL a Global EV / Hybrid & E-VTOL Future Tech Industry Show & Expo Event Organization where the world biggest EV & E-VTOL brands invest in the future of transportation.
EVHnews is committed to the Electric Vehicle & EV-Hybrid, E-VTOL-UAV industry including e-mobility e-semi & e-truck.
This digital platform will include reviews and resources from global industry leaders, many with a focus on clean blue technology and alternative fuels where applicable. EVH news platform is for all to have access to the tools and information available for the future for breakthrough e-technology of the e-automotive, e-aviation, e-marine, e-motorcycle e-semi & e-truck e-motorsport industries.

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