December 6, 2023

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E Automotive Partners

EVWRA E Automotive Partners

The Electric Vehicle World Racing Association (EVWRA) would like to express its sincere acknowledgment and appreciation for the invaluable support provided by our EV & Hybrid automotive corporate partners. Their partnership has been instrumental in the resounding success of our events and series, namely the World Speed Challenge (WSC), World Endurance Challenge (WEC), and the EV Festival of Speed.

Our official venue corporate partners have played a crucial role by generously offering suitable venues, tracks, and facilities for our races. Their commitment to ensuring that the infrastructure meets the specific requirements of these events, including safety measures, spectator areas, and logistical support, has been exemplary.

By recognizing and appreciating the significant contributions of our corporate partners, we aim to foster strong and mutually beneficial relationships. These partnerships are essential in driving the growth and success of our motorsport events and series. Through collaboration with these corporate entities, EVWRA leverages their expertise, resources, and brand recognition to elevate the stature of our events, increase participation, and deliver an exceptional experience for both participants and spectators.

Once again, EVWRA extend our heartfelt appreciation to our EV & Hybrid automotive corporate partners for their continued support. It is through their commitment and dedication that we are able to create unforgettable motorsport experiences and drive the advancement of EV & Hybrid automotive racing.

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