December 6, 2023

EV World Racing Association EVWRA

Where EV's & Hybrid World Speed & Endurance Records Are Made Too Be Broken!


We at EVWRA World Speed Challenge (WSC) are going to push the boundaries of EV and hybrid technology through our World Speed Challenge (WSC) racing series. By featuring purpose-built racing cars designed specifically for racing that last between 90 to 120 minutes, making it a rigorous and demanding test of the electric & hybrid vehicles and drivers.

The WSC provides a platform for EV and hybrid automotive sportscar & racecar manufacturers to test and refine their electric & hybrid technology in a highly competitive and challenging environment. By testing advanced battery technology and car designs with performance and safety in mind, the WSC helps to drive innovation and progress in this specialized industry.

The inclusion of multiple racing categories in the WSC, such as eTCWSC, eGT4WSC, eGT3WSC, eGT2WSC, and ultimately eGT1WSC series, ensures that a wide range of manufacturers and vehicle types can participate in the challenge. This variation also makes the series more engaging for fans and enthusiasts, who can root for their favorite teams and drivers.

EVWRA’s World Speed Challenge is helping to shape the future of EV and hybrid automotive motorsport technology by pushing the limits of what is currently possible. WSC will be an exciting and challenging racing series that showcases the potential of EV and hybrid technology in the realm of high-performance racing series that is sure to capture the attention of racing enthusiasts and automotive motorsport enthusiasts alike.






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