December 6, 2023

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eSports World Endurance Challenge

Welcome to Esports WEC

The bridge to the realistic WEC endurance driving experience:

EVWRA is on a mission to introduce a new professional level eSports eGT World Endurance Challenge Series emulating to 4 different racing disciplines and from 6 to 24-hour team endurance racing series after eGT1WEC – eGT2WEC – eGT3WEC – eGT4WEC real World Endurance Challenge.

Our goal is that esports WEC racing series shares ties with the actual eGT racing cars and racetracks, providing an authentic endurance racing experience to real-life professional drivers that also compete with the world’s best sim team competitors and general gaming enthusiasts.

EVWRA is building a virtual esWEC endurance racing team ecosystem where each esWEC racing team series event drives excitement and ultimately participate in the esWGP.

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EVWRA will host the greatest esports endurance race ES World Grand Prix event with cash prizes that will be announced.

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