December 6, 2023

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TeslaCorsa Celebrates 30th Tesla Racetrack Event in California

TeslaCorsa, the originator of Tesla-focused track events, celebrated its 30th event in California with a thrilling weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in the Central Valley. This milestone event marked another step in their mission to encourage Tesla owners to see the immense capabilities of their vehicles on the racetrack in a safe and beginner-friendly environment. Showcasing Teslas on the racetrack also promotes their immense capabilities to the greater motorsports and driving enthusiast communities.

Image Credit: Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley


TeslaCorsa events are renowned for welcoming all Tesla owners and drivers, fostering a vibrant community while expanding knowledge about performance driving. The organization’s dedication to strengthening the Tesla community was evident as 43 Teslas took to the track simultaneously in the first-ever TeslaCorsa parade lap.

With involvement from Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley who brought many Tesla participants from Northern California, one of the standout features of this event was the close proximity to a Tesla Supercharging station right at the entrance of Buttonwillow Raceway Park. This amazing access to high speed charging ensured quick and hassle-free recharging between exhilarating track sessions, reinforcing TeslaCorsa’s commitment to providing the ultimate Tesla track day experience.

While TeslaCorsa primarily hosts events on the West Coast, they’ve also expanded to the East Coast, with events at Atlanta Motorsports Park, boasting an onsite EV charging network. Additionally, they’ve left their tire marks on the international Tesla scene. TeslaCorsa Europe event #3 is coming up this month in Austria at the Salzburgring.

Unplugged Performance, renowned for their record-setting Pikes Peak race car known as “Dark Helmet,” was a proud participant at TeslaCorsa 30. With UP development driver Craig Coker at the wheel, Dark Helmet set a lap time of 1:43, eclipsing the likes of race prepared current generation Porsche 911 Cup cars and other impressively fast race cars present that day, further cementing TeslaCorsa’s mission to showcase Tesla’s track prowess.

TeslaCorsa will be hosting their 31st California event on October 21st at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. For more information about Tesla Corsa and their upcoming events, please visit

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